The 5th Anniversary and New Product Conference of THUNDEROBOT in 2019


On April 23, Beijing time, 2019 THUNDEROBOT 5th Anniversary and New Product Launch Conference was held at the Beijing RNG E-sports Center.

As the official release of the new generation of Intel CPU and NVIDIA GPU was set at 21:00 Beijing time, THUNDEROBOT invited more than 500 partners, media guests and fans to witness the conference together simultaneously.

The conference invited industry giants including Intel, NVIDIA, Microsoft, JD, BOE etc, two well-known Chinese e-sports teams “SN” and “SSS” also came to the scene as official cooperation partners. THUNDEROBOT released totally 8 new products including game notebooks, game desktops and game peripherals, once again, THUNDEROBOT demonstrated its ambition to innovate and make progress around the gamer's full-scene experience based on the interaction of fans.

THUNDEROBOT 5th generation 911 with the world's first exclusive 16.6-inch screen

THUNDEROBOT game desktop Black Warrior 2nd generation, perfect force evolution

THUNDEROBOT wireless mechanical keyboard and 1st generation self-developed game controller

CEO of THUNDEROBOT, Mr Lu Kailin said, from the annual sales of only a few hundred million RMB to the annual sales of more than two billion RMB; from the initial 500 fans to 15 million fans; from no valuation to 1 billion RMB valuation; from game notebook to game hardware includes game notebook, game desktop, game peripherals, game display etc; the ambition of THUNDEROBOT is not only to be the leading gaming brand in China, but also the leading gaming brand of the world.