ThundeRobot is a China-based, multinational computer hardware and consumer electronics company that was
established in 2014. Dedicated to creating products for the ultimate user experience on every user,
ThundeRobot is China top-three consumer notebook and gaming peripheral vendor.

Committed to making every gamer have the ultimate gaming experience.

Brand Culture

ThundeRobot has fueled the gaming industry by offering everyone a competitive gaming setup, designed specifically for everyone finds a way to participate in gaming. Our future big announcements will be predicated on the gaming industry as a whole, the trends that we are seeing, and what our pro gamers and the ThundeRobot Gamers community are asking for.

Vision - Born For Hero

From "Born for Gaming" in the beginning to "Born for Hero", ThundeRobot aims to evoke every gamers' full potential, crystallizes any pro play in game from the concept. We, can be the HERO.

ThundeRobot Gamers

We are very grateful to have the trust from over 20 million users since 2014. We have always taken an approach at ThundeRobot that we will make anything that our gaming community demands. ThundeRobot's credo - "Inspired by Gamers, Designed for Gamers" - is more than just a slogan, after all.